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RAMANA Medical Supplies has a mission to revive the healthcare and wellbeing of the citizens, residents and visitors of Jordan through provision of state-of-the-art medical technology.

Welcome to Ramana

The World Bank ranks Jordan as the best healthcare service provider in the Middle East. Its healthcare system is a mix of both private and public institutions, with 70 percent of Jordanians having medical insurance. Moreover, Jordan is among the leading countries in healthcare tourism in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Established by three experienced medical industry veterans with local, regional and international experience; RAMANA focuses on Neuro Interventional Technology, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology And Electrophysiology, serving key private and public organization in the Kingdom. With a network of offices and suppliers across the country, RAMANA’s emphasis is to work closely with medical institutions to help them provide an outstanding level of service. Moreover, we work closely with the civil society and the public to educate on key public health issues.

RAMANA Medical Supplies also operates a dedicated regulatory affairs division that responds to issues that affect our ability to sustain efficient, professional interactions with end-users and business partners.

RAMANA’s secondary focus is on medical equipment. RMS works with key global brands on the distribution of state-of-the-art MRI, CT, and angiography technologies.

Our partners are among the most trusted and respected across the healthcare industry. We are always looking to expand our comprehensive selection of quality products and services by adding the very latest in cutting-edge medical advancements, along with innovative new product lines from our manufacturing partners.

Main Products

Life Saving Supplies For Neuro, Cardiac, Vascular And Interventional Radiology Procedures.

A Range Of Medical Products Including, But Not Limited To, MRI, CT, And Angiography Technologies.


The RAMANA Difference

RAMANA Medical Supplies has a highly-trained team whose experience spans more than five decades. Members of staff work closely with clients to keep them updated on cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of Neuro, Cardiac, Vascular and Interventional Radiology procedures.

Multiple international corporations have identified RAMANA Medical Supplies as their distributor within the Jordanian and Levant regions.

We are proud to work closely with our partners on various stages of the care journey, be it the strategy, product selection, regulatory support, patient interactions and post-procedure management. Moreover, we work closely with our partners on staff training, customer relations, logistics and the supply chain


The RAMANA Difference

Years of experience locally, regionally and globally helped us establish key relationships with medical practitioners across the healthcare industry. Moreover, having a robust research practice also helps us understand key needs of patients and care-seekers. Thus, RAMANA Medical Supplies focuses on adding value across the value chain.

With our specialists’ knowledge of products, we often work with providers to explore options they haven’t considered before. In many cases, we also accompany our partners from the exploration journey to product demos and finally, product delivery. We often work closely with government entities, aid agencies, universities, hospitals, private clinics, doctors and medical technicians.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help save lives by providing quality procedural equipment to patients in need.

Our Vision

We aspire to uplift the quality of life for everyone in our society, while pushing forward the limits of what is possible in the delivery of healthcare.


Industry Analysis

Jordan is a significant market in the Middle East medical tourism industry. According to the World Bank, Jordan receives a large number of medical tourists.

In 2019 alone, more than 220,000 foreigners from Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Canada visited Jordan for specialized therapy. Medical costs are comparatively lower in Jordan (approximately 25% less than American rates), which contributes immensely to the international recognition of Jordan as an ideal healthcare tourism destination. As a result, the country earned more than $1 billion from its medical tourism industry. Key factors that make Jordan an attractive destination is the well trained practitioners (A noteworthy proportion of Jordan’s medical staff are trained abroad, especially in the U.S.), competitive treatment prices, no waiting periods, high-quality medical services and Jordanian hospitals’ international accreditation.

Even though most of these medical services are provided in Amman, the Jordanian capital, the region has a comprehensive healthcare system. Civilians dedicate about 10 percent of the nation’s GDP to medical expenses, and more than 70 percent of citizens have insurance covers–the government plans to ensure the remaining 30 percent is insured soon. Jordan’s healthcare system is divided into private and public healthcare facilities. Public institutions are under the direct authority of the Ministry of Health (MoH), which also oversees operations in the private sector.

MoH controls more than 1200 healthcare facilities together with 27 major hospitals; this accounts for about 40% of Jordanian hospital beds. The Military’s Royal Medical Services, which operates 11 healthcare centers, accounts for 24 percent of the country’s bed spaces. The Jordan University Hospital and the private sector control 3 percent and 36 percent of all bed spaces, respectively.

Market entry requires a trifecta-strategy: identifying an appropriate partner, facilitating continuous support, and gaining a market understanding. For any product or market to become successful, the Jordanian context (with respect to regulations, competitors, standards, sales channels, and application) must be understood. This is where Ramana Medical Supplies comes in: our staff has held executive positions in this industry collectively for more than 50 years and have experience in successfully encountering most of the threats that new market entrants face. RMS has both the infrastructure and experience to cover cities–where demand is concentrated-and remote rural area, as well as neighboring markets like Iraq, The UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


Our Values

True Professional Partnership

Mutual Business Cooperation

Commitment To Grow With Our Partners

Work With Integrity, Honesty And Transparency

High Quality Of Customer Service

Our Cliants

We believe in true partnership and mutual business in growing side by side. We strive to honor our commitment to grow with our partners even in the most challenging business climate. Our ultimate goal is to serve our customers with the most reliable and affordable medical treatment possible.